Insurance Services

Medical, Medicare Integrated, dental, disability, vision/hearing and life insurance.

What We offer

The Trustees Insurance and Retirement Services offer Medical, Medicare Integrated, Life, Disability and Dental Insurance plans that are underwritten by Aetna. Our five health insurance plans are PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans which include a pharmacy benefit.

Our Vision Insurance plan is underwritten by National Vision Administrators (NVA). The vision insurance plan also includes a hearing service plan. The benefit is a bonus at no additional cost!

Remember, the insurance program is flexible. Your township can participate in one or all the plans. 

Ready to Apply?

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For more information about our insurance services, please contact us at 800-382-1268. You can also email us at or send us an email online by clicking here.


Five available PPO plans with pharmacy benefit available and access to 80,000 care providers in PA.

Prescription Plan

Find participating pharmacies easily through Aetna, an additional benefit to Aeta insurance plans.


Two plans available with passive PPO and Aetna dental/Medical Integration Program.


Offering employer-paid or employee-paid plan with no minimum group size now including a Hearing Service plan.


Six available life insurance plans.


Three plans available that provide disability benefits up to 35 weeks.

Medicare Integrated

Two plans available to member townships.