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When COVID-19 escalated in the United States, Aetna and the Trustees Insurance Fund implemented a series of cost-sharing waivers to support individuals seeking COVID-19 care. While some of those waivers have expired, the Trustees are extending others. Click here to see the latest.

Valuable Member Information

Your benefits do not just stop at the coverage listed on your summary of benefits.  Each product includes additional benefits and resources available to you at no additional cost.  Check out the links below for valuable information pertaining to your benefits. 

Aetna online member portal

As part of your Aetna plan, you can register for the secure member portal, and manage your health care on your schedule. Whether you are enrolled in Medical and/or Dental or Medicare Advantage plans the secure portal will allow you to:

  • View, download or print claims and EOBs for yourself or your dependents at any time
  • View plan coverage for yourself or your dependents
  • Print ID cards at anytime
  • Enroll in Lifemart for valuable member discounts on health & wellness including Gym memberships. Just visit the Health & Wellness link.
  • Find medical professionals easily using the provider search
  • Depending on your plan you can easily review deductible, coinsurance, and plan limits for yourself or your dependents

Get the most out of your health care benefits with your secure online resource. Don’t forget, you can still take advantage of the member website’s features for 24 months if your coverage ends.


Short-Term Disability Claim FAQ's

If the employee contributes to the premiums on a Post-Tax basis, the percentage is 0%. All other scenarios would be 100% taxable.

Forms should be returned to PSATS for tracking and tax reporting purposes. Please email to We will then forward to UNUM for processing.

The physician may send their portion directly to UNUM at the fax number provided on the claim form.

No, however, disability benefits will not begin to pay until the employee is no longer receiving income from employment including extended pay, vacation, sick or PTO time.

Employer FAQ's

PSATS minimum requirement is 15 hours per week and 30 hours for Short-Term Disability plans 2 & 3.

No later than 30 days after the effective date of coverage. Otherwise, the employee is not eligible to enroll until the next open enrollment or upon a qualifying life status change.

An email containing the employee’s name, reason for leaving (i.e. resignation, retirement, etc.) and last date worked (not last date paid) can be emailed to

Yes. The Trustees Insurance Department requires notification of an employee termination in order to process the termination appropriately.

Yes. Terminations for Medical, Dental and Vision must be submitted within 30 days to comply with Federal COBRA Notice guidelines. Life and disability must also be reported within 30 days, otherwise, termination will not occur until the end of the month in which the notice of termination was given. This could result in reductions in refund of premiums.

Medical and Dental are billed semi-annually in November for January through June effective dates and In May for July through December. Life, Disability and Vision are billed annually in November for January through December effective dates.

If your employee waives coverage, he or she can only enroll during open enrollment in January OR if they experience a qualifying life event (i.e. loss of other coverage, marriage, or birth of a child).